Why Grapefox

Empowering one fashion brand at a time


Strategy first, execution later

We know all the fashion metrics by heart.

We know, based on the average shopping cart and the costs of production, management, storage and shipping, what the minimum budget is to break even from advertising campaigns.

We know whether the gross margin of a client’s products is too low, whether the number of returned goods is abnormal, whether the repurchase frequency is unsatisfactory, whether there is an excessive concentration of sold versus unsold products.

We know, even before we start, whether it will be necessary to make a loss on the first sale and then monetise within 30 or 60 or 90 days to make a profit. We know the operational, logistical and financial sides of this business.

This allows us to take a holistic view of what to do to solve problems, since important wins on the performance side often require intervention directly on the E-commerce side.

We are more than just technicians who execute; we are professionals who help guide internal decisions.


Performance marketing experts in the fashion industry – getting better every day, fast

Running an E-commerce is as unique as the challenges it presents.

We are performance marketing specialists who only work with direct-to-consumer E-commerce.

This gives us a unique expertise that cannot be found on the market.

Thanks to our hyper-focus, we are able to create and refine our internal strategies and procedures at a much higher speed than those who work across several different industries.

As a result, all our employees accumulate hundreds of hours of specialised work in this industry within a few months. This gives our customers the peace of mind of knowing that whoever is doing the work really knows the rules of this hectic but fascinating world – and that this is all that person does in their day-to-day life.


Small by choice

Our mission is to help fashion brands grow as efficiently and confidently as possible. But to do this and guarantee the result, we know very well that we cannot expand beyond a certain size.

Growth for its own sake leads to loss of quality and dispersion of resources, and this is why we’ve decided to remain a boutique agency.

We work with a limited number of brands. Our success depends not on the number of clients but on the growth of each of them.

Deliberately keeping a low number of clients allows us to get to know perfectly the companies we work with, their story, their tone of voice, the tactics and strategies that work in their particular case. We can also take the time we need to think deeply about how best to serve those clients.

Striving for excellence in our field requires much more thinking than doing – and giving ourselves the space to do this means that we can treat everyone with the utmost precision and dedication and guarantee everyone the same peace of mind.


We choose our client carefully and we let them go freely

Working with a small number of clients forces us to choose very carefully the partnerships we decide to undertake. That is why we try to understand as best we can how impactful our intervention can be before we start a path with a new company. If we realise that there is no affinity or that there are no prerequisites for doing a good job, we decline the collaboration.

Equally, despite the extreme care we take in choosing our customers, those who rely on us are able to leave the arrangement at any time. That is why we do not impose binding contracts; we simply ask for 15 days’ notice – no questions asked.


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