Valentina Ferragni Studio

493% ROAS / 11X MER

Act 1

Background & Story

Valentina Ferragni Studio, born from a passion for unique aesthetics and an unmistakable lifestyle, was established to redefine the essence of Italian craftsmanship in jewelry. Founded in Italy, the brand is a celebration of artisanal excellence, where each piece of jewelry is not just crafted, but lovingly created with the finest materials and traditional techniques.

At Valentina Ferragni Studio, there is a belief in the power of handmade elegance. The collections, featuring 925 sterling silver and 24kt gold or platinum plating, are more than accessories; they are a tribute to the rich heritage of Italian jewelry making. Each creation is a unique narrative of beauty and craftsmanship, embodying a spirit of individuality and charm.

Embracing the ethos of “Made in Italy with Love”, Valentina Ferragni Studio stands as a beacon of exclusivity in the fashion jewelry world, inspiring confidence and allure in every wearer.

Act 2


The objective was to amplify the brand’s market presence and sales, focusing on the international stage and reinforcing its Italian roots. The approach entailed integrating the brand’s distinct characteristics with the charm of Valentina Ferragni’s personal brand. The goal was to weave these facets together, establishing a unique brand presence that would appeal globally and drive market expansion.

Act 3

Solutions & Results

Our strategy was meticulously crafted to resonate across diverse European markets, ensuring that the brand’s allure extended beyond Ferragni’s existing fanbase.

Our initial step involved a comprehensive analysis of all accounts to pinpoint technical, strategic, and tracking errors. We then examined the business model and expenses (COGS) to identify various break-even points. This foundational analysis was instrumental in setting clear, achievable goals. Following this, we overhauled all advertising campaigns, audiences, structures and internal strategies. Starting from the ground up, we aligned everything with our established standards.

We not only met, but exceeded our objectives.

493% ROAS

Return on ads spent


Marketing Efficency Ratio

Working with Grapefox has been a valuable part of our journey at Valentina Ferragni Studio. Their approach, rooted in trust and transparency, has complemented our efforts in enhancing brand visibility and sales. 

Grapefox’s expertise in strategic marketing and their proficiency in executing profitable paid advertising campaigns have provided us with insightful guidance, contributing positively to our brand’s growth and market presence.

We highly recommend Grapefox to other fashion brands looking to empower their internal marketing teams.

Alessandra Osio

General Manager

Valentina Ferragni Studio

Why Grapefox

Elevating fashion brands with strategic, profitdriven paid media

Our mission is to help fashion brands grow with maximum effectiveness and total confidence.

We are performance marketing professionals who have more than a decade of experience. We only work in the fashion vertical, and we deal exclusively with performance marketing (ADV/CRO).

We work with a limited number of brands at a time. Our success depends not on the number of clients, but on the growth of each of them.

We are and will forever remain the most compact, hyper-specialised performance marketing firm this industry has ever seen.

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