Empowering Fashion Ecommerce

Grapefox is a performance marketing agency driving growth for fashion brands

Supporting the fashion leaders of tomorrow, today.

Our customers run companies with a story that the world deserves to hear. They are the ones who bet everything on their vision and need things to work the first time.

We step in when there is a need for this story to be written without mistakes or slowdowns. 

We believe that there is no excellence without hyper-specialisation.

That’s why we deal exclusively with the performance-related part of marketing (ADV/CRO) and work exclusively with E‑commerce in the fashion world.

We work with up to just 12 brands at a time. Our success depends not on the number of customers but on the growth of each of them.

Luca Fontani

Founder – Grapefox

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What We Do (Well)

Online Advertising (ADV) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

* Paid Social Advertising

Facebook/Instagram ADV – TikTok ADV – Snapchat ADV

* Search, Display & Shopping (PPC)

Google/Shopping ADV – Youtube ADV

* Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Why Grapefox

To guarantee consistent results and an unrivalled quality of work, we design everything with excellence in mind. This completely influences how we do things – from hiring and training our staff and setting our internal procedures and quality controls to structuring our agency and choosing the clients we work with.

Every single choice we make must never compromise our integrity and must always bring a tangible benefit both in our own lives and in the lives of our clients – be it in the quality of the work, its efficiency or our personal relationships.

Meet The Team


Founder & Marketing Strategist


Email & SMS Marketing Specialist


Graphic Designer


PPC & Paid Media Specialist


Senior Copywriter


Conversion Rate Specialist (CRO)


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