987% MER / +98% REVENUE

Act 1

Background & Story

LAAGAM was founded in Barcelona in 2017 by Inés Arroyo. 

We’re anything but ordinary, as we design bold fashion for dazzling people. 

We craft attainable unique pieces of daring couture for everyday occasions and special events. 

Our clothes boost the wearer’s self-esteem. We have democratised luxury and inspire women to take the world by storm. 

Maximalism at its best, each piece is designed and handmade in Spain.

From Barcelona to the world.

Act 2


The brand wanted to make an aggressive push with paid advertising during Black Friday, 2022, to acquire new customers in foreign markets – US, Europe and Australia – but being too bold during Black Friday can be a double-edged sword.

Doing so in such a delicate year presented even more challenges. We were confronting an unknown landscape with inflation at record highs, an energy crisis and a really unpredictable market.

We anticipated higher advertising costs compared to the previous years – and very different buying patterns.

Act 3

Solutions & Results

Considering all the unknowns and that we were about to advertise worldwide, we decided to follow a hybrid approach. We leveraged our expertise by adopting a standard strategy that had always brought excellent results in previous years, while keeping other doors open so that we could quickly change direction if necessary.

We first subjected all accounts to a comprehensive analysis to find technical, strategic and tracking errors, after which we analysed the business model and expenses incurred (COGS) to find the various break-even points. 

Having clarified the goals to be achieved, we completely rebuilt all advertising campaigns, audiences, structures and internal strategies and remapped everything from scratch, according to our standards. We also implemented our advanced tracking system (Shopify) on LAAGAM’s E-commerce and were able to recover around 80% of lost conversions and data, thus ensuring unparalleled campaign performance and clarity.

Although we had anticipated a steep increase in advertising costs, we were pleasantly surprised to see that they were lower than in previous years.

CPM Facebook Ads Laagam
United States CPM LAAGAM

The results achieved in such a short period of time were truly outstanding: we were able to double LAAGAM’s turnover – compared to the previous year – and maintain a MER (marketing efficiency ratio) of 10X.

In addition, 65% of orders came from new customers – most of them outside Spain.

987% MER

Marketing Efficency Ratio

+98% Revenue

Increased turnover

At LAAGAM, our organic growth and viral campaigns have been successful. As we aimed to internationalize and further scale sales, we needed a focused paid strategy, which was beyond our capacity and time constraints.

Grapefox faced a significant challenge: to increase our revenue and acquire new users in less-known international markets, while maintaining aggressive profitability. This strategy was essential for a scalable and replicable model to significantly expand our brand in the coming years.

In less than two months, Grapefox achieved this, brightening our brand’s future prospects through their hard work and talent.

Diego Arroyo Ruiz - CEO LAAGAM

Diego Arroyo Ruiz


Why Grapefox

Elevating fashion brands with strategic, profitdriven paid media

Our mission is to help fashion brands grow with maximum effectiveness and total confidence.

We are performance marketing professionals who have more than a decade of experience. We only work in the fashion vertical, and we deal exclusively with performance marketing (ADV/CRO).

We work with a limited number of brands at a time. Our success depends not on the number of clients, but on the growth of each of them.

We are and will forever remain the most compact, hyper-specialised performance marketing firm this industry has ever seen.

Luca Fontani - Portrait Light Background

luca fontani

Founder, Grapefox


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