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Endelea - Dream Bold (Fashion E-commerce)





Act 1

Background & Story

Endelea is an ethical fashion brand, founded in Milan in 2018, that grew out of the idea of creating collections of clothes and accessories in African wax fabrics with made-in-Italy design.

Behind the name – which means ‘to go on, to continue without giving up’ in Swahili – is a group of dreamers who are driven by passion and courage and who believe in creativity, connections and the value of people and their skills.

Act 2


Endelea’s advertising campaigns, especially those on Facebook/Instagram, were not performing as well as they should, making it very difficult to quickly increase purchase volumes on E-commerce.

This problem had become even more pronounced after the new privacy regulations (post IOS14) came into force, severely restricting tracking and optimisation of performance. All in all, any rapid expansion of the brand had become almost impossible, and analysing the data had become very laborious, creating untold problems for the internal team.

Act 3

SolutionS & Results

We first subjected all accounts to a comprehensive analysis to find technical, strategic and tracking errors, after which we analysed the business model and expenses incurred (COGS) to find the various break-even points. 

Having clarified the goals to be achieved, we completely rebuilt all advertising campaigns, audiences, structures and internal strategies and remapped everything from scratch, according to our standards. 

We also implemented our advanced tracking system (Shopify) on Endelea’s E-commerce and were able to recover around 80% of lost conversions and data, thus ensuring unparalleled campaign performance and data clarity.


467% ROAS

Return on ad spend


Increased turnover

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