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Act 1

Background & Story

Ad Hoc Atelier is the new digital showcase for the best made-in-Italy handicraft brands, featuring a unique selection of refined, high-quality clothes, jewellery and accessories for her and for him. 

Ad Hoc Atelier brings together in its marketplace products made entirely in Italy, with a contemporary style and designed to last. Each creation tells a unique story, the result of passion, creativity and know-how. 

From Venice to the Amalfi Coast, from Milan to Sicily, Ad Hoc Atelier is a voyage of discovery of brands already known or yet to be explored, representing the beauty and the sartorial craftsmanship traditions of our country.

Act 2


The start-up, having just been established, needed rapid and effective expansion – both to keep current investors happy and confident and to secure future funding rounds. 

Having hundreds of products spanning dozens of different categories, and having to quickly identify key countries where the brand could grow quickly, made this an extremely complex challenge to manage without incurring heavy losses.

Act 3

SolutionS & Results

Leveraging our experience with other brands in the fashion industry, we started with countries that we knew would perform and then did quick tests to arrive at a small group (Germany, Austria, UAE) that would allow us to quickly achieve the required turnover without incurring a loss.

We rebuilt all of the advertising campaigns, according to our standards, and reduced the account structure to the bare minimum. Centralising the data in this way meant that we could make decisions that left no room for randomness – thus maximising performance and minimising the signals we had to analyse.

We also implemented our advanced tracking system (Shopify) on Ad Hoc Atelier’s E-commerce and were able to recover around 80% of lost conversions and data, thus ensuring unparalleled campaign performance and data clarity.


387% ROAS

Return on ad spend


Increased turnover

Why Grapefox

Boutique, fashion agency

Our mission is to help fashion E-commerce grow with maximum effectiveness and total confidence. 

We work with up to just 12 brands at a time. Our success depends not on the number of customers but on the growth of each of them. 

We are performance marketing professionals who have more than a decade of experience and have hyper-specialised in the fashion industry. 

We work only with E-commerce in the fashion industry and we only deal with performance marketing .(ADV/CRO) 

We are and will forever remain the most compact, hyper-specialised performance marketing agency this industry has ever seen.

luca fontani

Founder – Grapefox


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